Overview of Austria

Lower Austria

This is the biggest area of Austria. The areas adjacent to Vienna enjoy the greatest interest: Mödling, Purkersdorf, Klosterneuburg.

A large number of thermal springs are concentrated in this region. The main resort center is Baden, located 25 km from Vienna. The average price of real property on the lakes in Austria – is 400-500 thousand Euros for 150-200 m².



This district is famous for plentifulness and beauty of the nature: forests, mountains, lakes, vineyards.. It is the ideal district for agriculture. Here (as well as in Lower Austria and Burgenland) the conditions are very favorable for the hotel business.

These days it is impossible to find similar property for the hotel business in Austria at other popular resorts for it to be in good condition and at a reasonable cost (from 400-500 thousand Euros for 250-300 m² of living space).



This is an Alpine region of Austria with a lot of ski resorts. The Austrian elite real property is concentrated here. Prices are higher than in other provinces, it is quite difficult to buy an apartment for a person who is not a citizen of EU.

The average cost of an apartment in this district of Austria is almost comparable to that in Vienna – from 5000 Euros per “square meter”. The estimated cost of a Tyrolean house in Austria starts from 400 thousand Euros (200 m²).



It is the most eastern province which is an agricultural district, where there are almost no industries or major tourist centers. The most inexpensive real property in Austria is here.



It is a major cultural center and the fourth largest Austrian city.. A large number of the Austrian ski resorts are concentrated in this district, including the largest ski resort of the country – SkiAmade.

Real property purchase by foreigners is strictly controlled here. The estimated cost of the “square meter” here is 2000-3000 Euros.


Upper Austria

It is a province in the Danube valley, with a few small ski resorts, and recreation services on the lakes (for example, Gmunden). The average price for real property in the district is up to 2000-2500 Euros per square meter.



The most prestigious resorts are located here; one of them is the so-called “Austrian Riviera” on the lake Werther See. However, foreigners can buy the elite properties in Carinthia only through the registration of a legal entity.



It is the smallest province of Austria. It provides ideal conditions for an active lifestyle: pistes and biking trails, golf courses. As in the Tyrol, non-EU citizens may purchase apartments in Vorarlberg only through the company’s registration.